Parents, caregivers, and teachers are children’s primary sources for learning. Children learn about the world from us. Through our reactions and guidance, we teach children how to react to the world around them and to life’s circumstances. Through these books and activities you will gen an understanding of what a child may feel in a crisis or catastrophic event and how to help y Our earthquake safety kits prepare you and your child for both their physical safety & emotional well-being in the event of an earthquake.

Self-help crisis coping kits will help you guide children through stressful life-changing events, disaster, behavioral and emotional challenges, and more. These kits provide the essential information, materials, and activities necessary to help children cope with their emotions, sudden loss, change, or other traumas. Through these kits, parents and adults will be able to help children process what happened and address their worries and fears in a healthy and effective approach.


Earthquake Safety Kit

Our kits empower adults to care for children in

crisis faster, easier, and less expensively.

They will be prepared to:

Listen to their child
Comfort their child
Help their child feel safe
Give their child information that is appropriate for her/his age
Make a plan with their child for future emergencies
Share their faith with their child
Encourage their child to feel hopeful about the future
Help their child feel good about him or herself