Children 911 Resources’ mission is to empower parents and adults working with kids in times of uncertainty or crisis. Whether a child is going through their parents’ divorce, the loss of a loved one, the stress of a natural disaster, or any life-changing or challenging event, every parent and educator has the tools necessary to help children express, process and cope with their emotions and feelings in a safe and healthy ways. Our mission is that all children will be given the opportunity to face and process their emotions during a time of need.

Our hope and mission is that by working with our books and workbooks parents, educators and children will be empowered and guided in a time they need help most. During a crisis or disaster, children will have varying emotional reactions and it is our mission is that every child gets the help and support they need. Our mission is that in the event of a crisis we want you, the parent/caregiver/teacher to be the child’s emotional coach, and provide guidance with our tools. We want to emphasize the importance of practicing these games and exercises, as repetition is fundamental to learning.  For example, through daily practice of learning letters and sounds, children learn to read and write.