Educator/Adult Workbook: When the Ground Shakes


Educator/Adult Workbook: When the Ground Shakes


This is a supplemental workbook to the children’s book When the Ground Shakes. This educator/adult guide helps an educator or parent guide a child through their own workbook (sold separately). Faced with the reality that sudden life-changing events can be a part of life, parents, teachers, and caregivers are now being advised to prepare and take responsibility for the physical and emotional protection of their children. Unfortunately, many of the disaster preparedness kits created up to this point have primarily addressed a child’s physical needs, placing less emphasis on their emotional needs.

There are many aspects of a child’s life that can trigger severe emotional trauma, ranging from the sudden loss of a home or family member to experiencing disaster or violence.

For this reason, it is imperative that parents and adults working with children are adequately prepared to help kids cope with the emotional trauma that can come with disaster or sudden loss and change. When adults prepare ahead for the emotional consequences of life-changing events, they are better able to support and empower their children’s physical and emotional states, enabling them to live healthy and productive lives.

Research has shown that effective coping mechanisms are skills that can be taught to children at a young age, even in the face of uncertainty or danger. In fact, equipped with enough information and the right materials, adults can help strengthen children and instill confidence in their ability to overcome challenge.

We offer self-help crisis coping kits to help adults support children through life- changing events and loss by helping them process their emotions and teaching them positive coping tools.

This guide outlines essential information that helps adults better understand their children’s emotions during a crisis and offers activities to help them cope during stressful times. 

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