Children 911 Resources is an organization developed to empower YOU. Composed of psychologists, behavioral therapists, and educators, we are dedicated to providing adults with the tools necessary to help children cope with life-changing events. Ranging from natural disasters such as earthquakes, to divorces or the loss of a loved one, our company provides self-help and crisis coping kits to guide both children and adults through stressful times in life. Our kits provide the essential information, materials, and activities necessary to help children cope with sudden loss or change.


Children 911 Resources is dedicated to ensuring high-quality services to both children and families. Early support for behavioral, emotional, and mental health needs have a positive impact on very young children. Strengthening the mental well-being of parents and families also leads to improved outcomes for their children. Therefore, a key goal for Children 911 Resources is to support social and emotional wellness for all children and families.


Children 911 Resources is here to provide parents and adults who work with kids solutions that are effective, affordable, and easy to implement. Our kits guide parents and educators through various coping strategies in order to help foster resilience and strength in their children.

Parents, caregivers, and teachers are children’s primary sources for learning. Children learn about the world from us. Through our reactions and guidance, we teach children how to react to the world around them and to life’s circumstances.


Our self-help crisis coping kits equip parents and educators with the tools they need to effectively get children to open up and heal. We guide adults through the process of addressing a child's social and emotional needs before the problem escalates. This tactic of early counseling enables children to receive the support they need right away so that they can develop without traumas or difficulties holding them back.